In the new world of big data and cloud computing someone needs to build the bridge from mainframe applications and legacy databases.  For our partners, that’s where we come in.  Modern Systems is committed to adding value to the relationship between our partners and their clients.  We know how hard it is to establish credibility- and how quickly it goes away.  We’ve built a rock-solid process for onboarding partners and ensuring success for our mutual clients.  For each partner, we:

  • Assign a manager with the goal of clear understanding and expectation-setting for support and delivery
  • Train a dedicated Modern Systems team on delivery within the partner’s framework
  • Assign an executive sponsor who has visibility into each project
Establishing strong long lasting partnerships is a primary focus of our go to market strategy, so we take it seriously.  Become a partner today.

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry partnership with Modern Systems
Century Link Cloud partnership with Modern Systems

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