CA Telon Application Modernization

Automated CA Telon Conversion

Migrate & convert to run-time free COBOL or PL/I, replace run-time modules, or opt for a hybrid solution... You've got options.
CA Telon is an application generator used to define a series of mainframe programs, then creating the underlying code; COBOL, PL/1, CICS, IMS-DC, Batch, IMS-DB, DB2, and VSAM are all supported. Over the years, the IT landscape has changed radically and while CA Telon's efficacy has endured, several factors influence users to look for alternatives:
  • Economic pressures mean that users are constantly looking for ways to reduce their IT costs either by switching to alternative suppliers, moving some of the IT infrastructure to non-mainframe platforms, or retiring the mainframe completely. The proprietary nature of CA Telon code makes any of these difficult to achieve.
  • Experienced CA Telon developers are increasingly difficult to find as personnel move into other more 'state of the art' technical areas or reach retirement age. New recruits typically won’t have mainframe skills.
  • Many mainframe applications are now considered legacy, with little or no maintenance or support. Due to the run-time elements of CA Telon, licensing costs will still accrue even if the development benefits are no longer realized.
Modern Systems uses a fully automated approach to guarantee accuracy and consistency before, during, and after the CA Telon migration process. Our customers' needs vary widely, so we offer a number of migration options to suit your needs.
Modern Systems will migrate all of the CA Telon applications into our application development tool. This product is a PC-based application design and generation tool that is similar in structure to CA Telon. In fact, most CA Telon trained developers will start using it with less than a single day's training. First, we analyse your CA Telon environment and programs while setting up the tool, so that it mimics all of the Macro changes, environmental options, and setup specifications that are in the current implementation of CA Telon. Next, we import all of the program information from the CA Telon TDF into the development tool. It's that simple. During the migration, Modern Systems' experts can assist in making basic changes, such as changing IMS/DC (IMS/TM) applications to CICS. The primary advantage that this offers is that it generates modern, well-structured PL/I or COBOL (ANSI ‘85 standard). The generated code is the full source code of the programs. In other words, there are no licensed program components. Conversely in CA Telon, the generated applications will not run without licensed program components. Our solution supports all CA Telon environments, options, and databases. Using the tool, developers can maintain the imported applications and regenerate them as changes are made. Clients can also create new applications, while discovering that this tool is far more productive and simpler to use than CA Telon. Developers can use the tool to design, modify, and generate applications. With a PC-based mainframe environment, such as Micro Focus MFE, clients can even test the applications before uploading them to the mainframe (or wherever the production environment exists).

Benefits Of Migrating
  • Eliminate CA Telon licensing
  • No need for CA Telon trained developers
  • Options to use this as a new development tool, OR maintain at the source code level – no product lock in
  • Supports all CA Telon environmental options
  • Tool-generated code is full source code, no licensed run-time components
  • Enables simple porting of the entire application to another platform
  • Can form part of a PC-based environment to develop, generate, and test applications

Request A Demo We would be happy to set up a Webcast to demonstrate the elegance and simplicity of the application design and generation product, to request a demo, contact us.
If eliminating CA Telon is a priority, but the development product does not fit your use case, Modern Systems can migrate the CA Telon applications directly into modern, well-structured COBOL or PL/I. First, Modern Systems will analyze the in-scope CA Telon environment and tune our migration toolset so that it reflects all of the macro changes, environmental options, and setup specifications that exist in the current implementation of CA Telon. As part of the migration, Modern Systems' experts are available to assist in basic changes such as changing IMS/DC (IMS/TM) applications to CICS. Next, all program information from the CA Telon TDF is exported into the migration toolset, and a new set of applications is generated in modern, well-structured code, with no licensed Run Time Module dependencies. To see samples of the before and after migrated code, please contact us.

Benefits Of Migrating To Standard Modern Code
  • Eliminate CA Telon licensing
  • No need for CA Telon skills, code is standard COBOL or PL/I
  • The generated code is the full source code, no licensed components
  • Simple to port the entire application to another platform
Not recommended for clients where there is a high level of maintenance required, due to complexity of maintaining the unstructured code that CA-Telon generates. Most CA Telon users know that the code it generates is not truly standalone COBOL or PL/I, as it depends on certain CA-supplied Run Time Modules. Although some of these are modules supplied in source form, they are nevertheless licensed modules, and if CA Telon is removed, these modules must be replaced or the full licensing fees will continue. While it is possible to re-write these modules, it is especially difficult if any of the LINEOPT options are being used, as these are written in Assembler, and are very complex. Fortunately, Modern Systems has done the hard work already, developing a full set of routines to replace the CA Telon Run Time Modules. These have been deployed in half a dozen sites worldwide, and are battle proven. To replace the CA modules with Modern Systems', simply to re-link the existing applications. Then, the CA Telon license can be cancelled. To maintain the code going forward, developers make changes at the source code level. As the CA Telon generated source code is of legacy design, it is highly recommended that developers are confident that no more than minimal maintenance will be required before choosing this option.

Benefits Of Migrating By Replacing The CA Licensed Run Time Modules
  • Immediate elimination of CA Telon licensing
  • No need for CA Telon skills, code is standard COBOL or PL/I
  • No CA licenced components, maintenance of the Modern Systems Run Time components is very inexpensive
  • In some cases it is possible to port the entire application to another platform

Additional Resources

Case Studies
  • ASR - With almost 4,000 business critical programs running on the mainframe, developed using CA Telon, this Dutch insurance group was incurring major licensing costs every year just to keep the business running. They sought a way to keep the existing programs but reduce the cost of maintaining them by use of an alternative, modern, application development environment.
  • Folksam - When one of Sweden’s largest insurance companies realized they had an over dependence on increasingly scarce CA Telon developers, they knew they had to find a solution to move them away from the Telon environment.
  • Allied Irish Bank (AIB) - When AIB decided to eliminate the license charges incurred for an old CA Telon system, they looked for a vendor with good replacement development technology and enough experience to seamlessly manage the changeover.
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