idms to sql server

IDMS to SQL Server Modernization:
Secrets of the Fortune 1000

Fortune 1000 companies refuse to let legacy nonrelational databases hold them back from SQL Server data warehousing and true business intelligence. Here’s how they’re tackling the IDMS to SQL Server challenge.

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Natural to Java, Natural to C#

Best Practices: Modernizing Natural to Java

Spend a few minutes browsing automated conversion solutions online and you’ll quickly realize that not all are created equal. The success of any Natural to Java […]

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application modernization

Navigating the Bermuda Triangle of Application Modernization

Companies are facing serious challenges around their mainframe stack- from disappearing resources and compliance challenges to long-term competition issues. So what’s a business to do? And how can virtual infrastructure help? How can they navigate what we call the Bermuda Triangle of Application Modernization?

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replacing legacy systems

7 Best Practices for Application Modernization

Landmark modernization project with Desjardins General Insurance Group profiled by Insurance Networking News for Best Practices.

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BBVA Banks on Modern Systems for COBOL to Java Modernization

Global banking giant chooses BPHX for legacy modernization, transition to Java/Oracle.

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mainframe printing

Mainframe Printing – Spool-Ite

Spool-Ite is designed for the “mainframe-like” management of mainframe printing queues, allowing previously acquired knowledge to be re-utilized by those using spooler products on mainframes. Spool-Ite […]

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Loto Hits for PL/I to Java Conversion

Following up a year after delivery, PL/I to Java migration is a winning ticket.

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cobol to java, legacy modernization

MTA Takes Blue Line for COBOL To Java

Manhattan Transportation Authority chooses Modern Systems for conversion of critical payment app.

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