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Modern Systems Cloud Assessment Service
Modern Systems understands that the cloud might not be a suitable landing platform for all legacy applications. Therefore, when embarking on a migration journey to the cloud, it's important not to assess everything as one group, but rather assess the individual components (or groupings of components) separately to determine each specific migration strategy and appropriate landing platform. The established strategy is tailored to the specific asset composition, customer environment, standards and requirements of the individual or group components, taking into consideration both short and long term objectives. With this as a basis, the Modern Systems Cloud Assessment service ensures that the appropriate information is gathered to provide a tailored deliverable.

Key Objectives of a Modern Systems Cloud Assessment

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The type of partner you select will likely dictate the success of your modernization project. Choosing a generic cloud partner with no experience mapping legacy workloads to a distributed architecture, let alone a cloud based architecture, may prove disastrous. Ultimately, the lack of legacy migration skills will force whoever primes the project to select many sub partners to cover the skills they do not have. With no long-lasting integrated partnerships, all will strive to showcase what they sell as opposed to what you actually need.

Modern Systems is a boutique Legacy Modernization company with proven expertise across all areas of legacy code and data migration, infrastructure, operations, monitoring and maintenance - both during and after the transition. We would be happy to discuss this with you further to see how we can help you begin your journey to the cloud.

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