European Government Entity Brings In Modern Systems To Retire Big Iron

Modern Systems has been selected by a large European government entity to modernize key elements of their legacy mainframe environment, as part of a complete migration program, which will ultimately see their “big iron” decommissioned. The legacy system is comprised of applications written primarily in COBOL with an IDMS and flat file data tier.


Modern Systems is charged with modernizing the data tier first. Our automated data migration solution, coupled with a well-tested implementation methodology, provides support for a number of mainframe and distributed platforms, covering a wide range of database systems, programming languages, databases, and file types. The uniquely flexible technology underlying these solutions has been used to successfully migrate legacy databases in hundreds of migration projects around the world.


We distinguish ourselves from other ETL-based solutions by not impacting the mainframe significantly, offering a flexible configuration, allowing name preservation and data mapping, and an automated mapping/migration solution. This enables complex and large volumes of business-critical data to be migrated to relational systems with low risk and high flexibility. Our solution includes full data validation, generating the necessary routines to compare source and target databases for complete data assurance.


The database and data conversion will be performed simultaneously with the application conversion, and will create an independent relational database accessible by modern Business Intelligence tools, and maintainable by a much larger talent pool than the legacy system. In addition, the costs of maintaining the environment will be dramatically reduced and very little training will be required because the automated tooling approach retains a 100% functional equivalent in the target state.

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