Large Canadian Telco Teams Up With Modern Systems For Mainframe Assessment

A large Canadian telecommunications carrier has teamed up with Modern Systems to undergo a mainframe assessment in order to allow them to begin planning for the future of their applications. Their current mainframe environment houses applications are written in COBOL, PL/1, and Assembler. The data is stored in DB2, IMS-DB, and VSAM. In addition, they use both IMS-DC and CICS transaction processing environments.

What Does a Mainframe Assessment Entail?

During a mainframe assessment, components are classified and listed in detail and notes are attached to components requiring special attention during the conversion process. All application components are inventoried, classified by language, and cross-referenced. Missing components are collected and added to the inventory, while duplicate components residing in multiple customer repositories are eliminated from the inventory. The Assessment results in a complete understanding of the current processing environment.

Assessment tasks include:

  • Presentation of both technical and business findings
  • Definition of the overall customer processing
  • Details of missing and duplicate components
  • Summarization of areas requiring special attention during conversion
  • Documentation of all areas of concern
  • Organization of primary findings into an Executive Summary
  • Disclosure of recommended actions
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