Modern Systems Automated Conversion Shines On The Proving Grounds

Modern Systems recently demonstrated the successful, maintainable, and scalable automated conversion of ADS/Online and COBOL code to C# paired with SQL Server for a US Government entity. This proof of concept spanned multiple systems and acts as a catalyst for establishing strategy for a broader business unit initiative for legacy systems modernization.

The key objective of the initiative was to utilize Modern Systems products and services to successfully demonstrate the concept of modernization through quality automated conversion.

  • Convert IDMS database design and test data to SQL Server
  • Convert up to 10 ADS/Online, COBOL CICS or COBOL IDMS-DC programs to C#
  • Convert up to 5 IDMS maps for execution in .NET
  • Deploy the converted application into a test environment hosted by Modern Systems
  • Test and demonstrate the converted application and associated processes

Modern Systems completed the proof of concept successfully and ahead of schedule.

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