Modern Systems increases ROI & Application Efficiency at Media Giant

Dallas, TX October 4, 2017 –

Modern Systems, the leader in helping enterprise organizations modernize their existing application environment in alignment with business strategy, announced completion of a major legacy modernization project with a national media powerhouse based in New York. After several years of hard work, the last remaining application running on the IBM Mainframe system has been retired. The legacy application environment consisted primarily of COBOL and VSAM, and by harnessing the power of Modern Systems’ Automated Conversion service, was transformed into a modern environment running Java and an Oracle database.

“As the drive towards digital transformation accelerates, legacy modernization has emerged as a top priority for businesses across the world,” says Brandon Edenfield, CEO at Modern Systems. “The ability to reduce costs while enabling data and business process integration is a necessity for competing in today’s global business environment.”

The migrated legacy application had over two million lines of code and provided the backbone of the enterprise  environment, servicing critical business processes such as billing, customer account maintenance and even product delivery routing. Senior IT management staff said that it “represented years of accumulated experience and knowledge, while simultaneously resisting modification and evolution.” Despite diversifying into several different media spaces, this application still supported the print line of business, which was responsible for more than half of the company’s overall revenue. The need to complete this update without service disruptions was a non-negotiable business requirement. Between 2006-2009, the customer had several unsuccessful initiatives to modernize. Due to the nature of these previous attempts, Modern Systems evaluated several different approaches and finally selected a translation method.

“The customer’s primary drivers for the modernization were common – a desire to reduce support costs, mitigation of risk posed by a diminishing talent pool, and an inability to integrate the existing legacy system with other core business elements”, says Edenfield. “They wanted the new system to be a functional equivalent of the old legacy system, meaning our Automated Conversion solution was a perfect fit.”

With the successful retirement of its final application, the Mainframe system in use since the mid-1970s will be shut down by the end of September, significantly reducing operating costs, risks, and complexity.

About Modern Systems

Modern Systems solves enterprise problems specific to legacy technology and mainframe modernization. Modern Systems’ unique technology helps customers reduce cost around existing mainframe applications, integrate legacy data with modern platforms, and reduce risk around migrating to new target states. Modern Systems approach achieves customer goals faster and more effectively than any other solution on the market. With the successful completion of over 250 application modernization projects over the past 30 years, Modern Systems brings their unique industry driven expertise to legacy modernization by merging their broad-based modernization experience with flexible solutions.

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