Modernization Platform as a Service (ModPaaS)

Collaborative cloud-based
legacy application modernization platform

ModPaaS is a cloud-based platform which allows clients and partners to participate in the various stages of a legacy-based application modernization project in a collaborative and customizable manner. ModPaaS provides access to Modern Systems-developed modernization solutions “as a service” in a secure cloud-based environment. ModPaaS can be used in a self-service manner, via assistance from Modern Systems modernization specialists, or in a fully managed approach similar to a traditional project engagement.

Key features
  • Perform legacy assessments (asset count and asset type categorization, missing and unreferenced components, program flows, impact and code path analysis, reporting and documentation, etc.)
  • Categorize and determine the disposition options for all aspects of a modernization project
  • Drive ongoing application modernization initiatives post-assessment with different levels of Modern Systems assistance
  • Obtain estimates for selected modernization options, driven by customizable, fit for purpose approaches

Getting Started with ModPaaS

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