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The Enterprise Application Viewer® (eav®) is a tool for viewing an applications structure, creating documentation, and performing tasks such as impact analysis.
Toggle Dictionary Names (Build 20160517)
Turn on or off the display of dictionary names within the Source Explorer content.
Enhanced Object Code Browser Filter (Build 20160219)
Added an more powerful object code browser filter to refine broad search results.
eav 4.0 Released (Build 20160104)
Element Dictionary (Build 20151123)
Added new ability to clarify variable names by assigning local or global dictionary entries to elements in the Source Explorer.
Export Feature added to Browsers (Build 20150514)
Added the ability to copy the results of a search on the Pattern, Notes and Repository browsers to the Analysis Worksheet feature. Added the ability to export the names returned in the results of a search to a text file or the local clipboard.
New Reports (Build 20150420)
New reports available: VSAM Statistics available on the Program Metrics report, CRUD Detail report in COBOL or NATURAL.
Enhanced Report Filter (Build 20150331a)
Advanced filtering tool available on most reports to manipulate the content.
New Report, Add Category Enhancement, New Ignore Capability (Build 20150326)
New report available: External Referenced. Added the ability to apply a category to all objects that need the selected object. Added the ability to ignore a list of copybooks during the scan process.
New Reports and Add Notes (Build 20150312a)
New reports available: JCL Detail, CICS Enterprise, File Detail. Added the ability to record notes on multiple objects at once in the Object Browser.
New Reports and Floating Verb Search (Build 20150303)
New reports available: Business Rule Detail, External Reference Detail, Metric Detail for COBOL and NATURAL. Added the ability to search for Floating Verbs in the Object Pattern Browser.
Send to Visio and Section Exclusion (Build 20150227)
Add the ability to send objects to Visio from the Object Browser. Sections of the available generated documentation can now be excluded from the final reports.
Data Save in SQL Tool (Build 20150220)
Added the ability to save data from the SQL Tool for enhanced customer support.
Enhanced Object Browser with Flowchart (Build 20150218)
Add the ability to send objects to a custom flow chart from the Object Browser. The relationship between the objects selected at the time of activation are displayed on a new tab. Alias and description fields can now be added to objects.
Filter by Language (Build 20150206)
Added an option to filter the view on the Object Browser Custom tab by object language.
Export Object Names (Build 20140814)
A list of the names of the objects in the Object Browser can now be exported to a text file or to the computer clipboard.
Category Detail Report (Build 20140310)
A new report that lists the objects defined to each category in the system. The report can be refined to display only selected entities or categories. Summary object counts have also been added to the entity and repository levels in the Object Browser for easy reference.
External Functions (Build 20140306)
Links to external programs can be embedded in the Functions menu. This provides a convenient connection to related programs such as IDEs or database management tools that are used concurrently with eav.
Repository Detail by Change Report (Build 20131216)
The Repository Detail by Change report can now by controlled by date range.
Export To Text (Build 20131008)
Objects within the eav framework can now be exported as text objects saved to a location of choice. Multiple objects can be exported at one time. The file name matches the name of the object within eav while the extension can be chosen at the time of export.
Personal Compare Utility (Build 20131007)
Users may select to use an external compare utility such as Ultra Compare when using the version delta utility within eav® or ATP®.
Verb Search Feature (Build 20130506)
Enhanced the Object Code Browser tool to search for specific verbs in combination with keyword searches. This allows multiple verbs to be searched for keywords at one time, or no verbs to be specified.
Enhanced eav Usage Report (Build 20130424)
Enhanced the eav Usage Report to include more details related to the individual users accessing eav and the other workbenches within eav.
Export Version Delta to Clipboard (Build 20130131)
Added the ability to output any version of the code available on the Version Delta tab to the Windows clipboard. This enables you to retrieve any older version of the code.
Jump to JCL Flowcharts (Build 20130125)
Added the ability jump to an associated EXEC statement flowchart when viewing JCL in the Source Explorer.
Enhanced Object Code Browser (Build 20130116)
Added the ability to include or exclude comments when searching the objects using the Object Code Browser. This enhances the search feature by providing the option of an exclusive search of active code the system.
Category Management (Build 20120914)
Added the ability to manage objects by category. This feature can be used locally and globally to visually group objects in the Object Browser. It can be used to identify objects that need to be reviewed, or apply internal status flags. This new feature includes a new tab in the Object Browser, a new report, a new administration screen and new right click menu options.
Bulk Export of Documentation (Build 20120829)
Added the ability to export the documentation of an entire repository to PDF. This is useful for archiving systems in their current state or providing the documentation to third parties. This feature is accessed on the repository administration screen.
Version Delta - Ignore White Space (Build 20120815)
Added the ability to allow the delta generator to ignore white space when performing comparisons.
Group Search Tokens (Build 20120711)
Added the ability to use square brackets to group search terms within the Object Code Browser and Object Pattern Browser.
Expand Single Node (Build 20120709)
Added the ability to fully expand a single node when viewing the Source Explorer or Business Rules Explorer.
Quick Browse (Build 20120402)
Added a new feature to the Enterprise Explorer tab which allows the user to backtrack through an application. The quick browse tab displays all calls made to the current program.
Dynamic Maps (Build 20120227)
Added the ability to view dynamically generated maps within eav. The dynamic map is rendered when it is selected from the Source Explorer.
Natural Bulk Loader (Build 20120203)
Added the ability to use a SYSOBJH extract file from Natural to import objects into eav.


The Application Transparency Platform® (ATP®) is a revolutionary Natural application and ADABAS database Replatforming solution.
Security Enhancement (Build 20160317)
Added the ability to allow non-administrative eav users to be set as a Runtime Manager.
Numeric Overflow Detection (Build 20160203)
Added the option to detect numeric overflow and abort the application to the parameter maintenance dialog.
Rollback Changes (Build 20160120)
Made it easier to rollback changes to non-program objects by adding a copy to checked out version feature on the Version Delta tab.
Folder Compare Utility (Build 20151028)
Added the ability to compare old and new exports of COBOL or C# code.
Runtime Build Package Selection (Build 20151006)
Added the ability to build a runtime package from an extraction target package.
ATPComm Released (Build 20150925)
Released ATPComm, a feature that allows external communication between your Windows programs and programs running in your ATP runtime environment. This is a Shadow/EntireX replacement.
Check In Comments (Build 20150708)
Added support for entering comments when checking in objects. The comments appear in the history of the object and are available during the runtime build process.
Mouse Click support (Build 20150722)
Added support for cursor placement using a mouse click.
Support for REQUEST DOCUMENT and Alias find capability (Build 20150708)
Added support for the Natural REQUEST DOCUMENT command. Added the ability to search for particular objects on the Alias tab (a SaveAs feature).
Check Out Related Objects (Build 20150624)
[Only available for GDA, PDA, LDA, DDM objects] Finds all objects that call the selected object and provides the option to check out these related objects.
New Internal Commands: @USERINADGROUP and @EXECSTOREDPROC (Build 20150601)
@USERINADGROUP adds the ability to check if a user belongs to a specified active directory group and @EXECSTOREDPROC executes a stored procedure referenced by the call.
Make a runtime target an extraction target (Build 201505270)
Adds the ability to make a runtime target the extraction target of another runtime target to follow promotion methodology for code release.
Remote Execution Trace Compare and Find (Build 20150420)
Adds the ability to compare two executed traces and adds a feature to find verbs within an executed trace.
New Security Level (Build 20150303)
Adds a new user level 'Security Administrator' which only has access to the User Security administration features, not the Target administration.
Security Search (Build 20150206)
Adds the ability to search the user list in the User Security window.
New Internal Command @SortGroupArray (Build 20150115)
Adds the ability to sort group arrays.
New Internal Command @ShortCircuit (Build 20141212)
Adds the ability for the compiler to terminate an IF statement as soon as a condition is first true.
RunStat Process (Build 20141114a)
Adds a process that verifies the actual child table counts in the client database. Used in concert with the SaveAs C# or COBOL feature to make more efficient use of array controllers.
Data Definition Tooltip (Build 20140929)
ATP can display the definition of a data item when the mouse is hovered over the data item within the object code. The tooltip is hot so clicking on the tool tip will move the mouse pointer to the definition location.
Map Editor Alignment (Build 20140115)
Objects placed on a MAP can be automatically aligned to the left, right, top or bottom using new toolbar buttons.
Auto Complete (Build 20131217)
Each user can now chose to turn on an auto complete feature for variables, system variables and commands used within the editor of ATP.
RunTime Rollback (Build 20131204)
RunTime packages can now be rolled back to previously deployed versions. This powerful feature allows all of a package or individual objects within a package to be reverted to the previously released version. The rollback happens within seconds and can be implemented immediately if a release does not go as planned.
Alerts Feature (Build 20131121)
ATP can be set to alert the user via e-mail when specific events occur within ATP. Events include: * If an object the user has checked out is re-assigned by an administrator to another developer * When any of the users changed objects are rolled into a runtime * When any development target the user has access to is changed, this includes checkins from any other developer * When any RunTime target the user has access to is changed, this includes objects from any other developer * When 'watched' objects are checked in
Admin Developer In Flight Changes (Build 20131004)
Administrative users can now choose to see the in flight changes to program objects that have been checked out by other users.
Flow Chart Program Trace (Build 20130920)
Remote execution trace controller interface now contains a program flow chart visual to aid in gaining an overall program flow view of what happened in the trace.
Run Program From Explorer (Build 20130919)
Added the ability to start programs in normal run mode or debug mode from the Object Explorer instead of requiring a portal entry point.
FDT Overlay (Build 20130905)
Added the ability to rename the converted relational client side database columns with something other than the ADABAS names. This feature can make the new database easier to read from a human perspective.
Internal Commands (Build 20130513)
Added ATP Internal Commands for accessing system information, services and performance options of the ATP environment.
ATP Developer Designation (Build 20130501)
Added a new user designation: ATP Developer. This limits access to the ATP developer workbench within eav to only designated ATP Developer users.
New Historical Usage Report (Build 20130424)
Added a new report that displays the users setup within eav and the last access date stamp.
Screen Image As Text (Build 20121213)
Added the ability to save the ATPaccess screen to text on the local computer clipboard. This feature is useful for doing data compares on screens
Custom Comment Blocks (Build 20121018)
Added the ability for users to create custom comment blocks that can be used within the source editor. This allows users to create a comment block that conforms to company standards.
Compare Active Changes (Build 20120705)
Added the ability to view the difference between a checked out file that has been edited and the current production version.
User Message Maintenance (Build 20120702)
Added the ability to create and edit user level messages within the Natural environment.
Program Execution Trace (Build 20120224)
Added a feature to capture the actions of a user from the perspective of the program, recording each object the user interacts with, and what action was taken. This information can be used to determine if program or user error is involved in an issue.
Testing Monitor (Build 20120224)
Added the ability to monitor the testing of changes to the program code. This is accomplished by using Remote Execution Trace feature. The Program Detail report is accessed from an executed trace request and reviewed for lines of code that have not been tested.
Debug Mode - Call Stack View (Build 20120217)
Displays all active programs in the current thread as the program is executing. The current program location is always on top.


eav Rapid Program Modernization® (eavRPM®) is a tool to modernize an existing application to use C# or Java and process against a new database.
InsertCodeBlock Macro (Build 20140204)
A new macro that allows the insertion of native Java or C# code directly into eavRPM.
Font Size Setting (Build 20120307)
A new user specific setting for the displayed font size in the script editor.
Copy Dynamic Maps (Build 20120702)
eav contains the ability to display dynamic maps. Once a dynamic map is displayed it can be copied and pasted into a visual object in eavRPM.
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